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Pura Vida Music Project is a human condition set to music, which evokes love, passion, sometimes pain. All the rainbow colors of the human soul echoes in 21st century blend of world rhythms, flamenco, gypsy motives and latin flavours. It is a musical trip from Spain to Middle East, Morocco and Algeria, Capo Verde and Costa Rica. “Individual feeling is very much the key” Sorelo said, after the show in Cafe Bialik in Tel Aviv. “Here are some melodies, that were performed. We wanted to share them with all of you and bring you some bliss of Pura Vida.”Stay tuned .

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Just when you thought that you’ve heard almost everything in flamenco, Pura Vida project by Sorelo came to surprise us.

Pura Vida project brings sounds of progressive flamenco to our ears. The flamenco flavor with Latin rhythms and South American rumba – The project combines traditional songs from the Middle East, Latin America, and North Africa, electronic music, a little bit rock and good musical joy.

A 21st century blend of world rhythms, syncope’s, steps, clapping, gypsy motives are resulting in all new Flamenco Progressive sound in Pura Vida. Sorelo uses the soulful music of flamenco that harks back to the middle Ages and combines it with explosive electronic experience of progressive flamenco. He creates music by following the first rule of the progressive genre, or as it is sometimes known – fusion music.

The origins of Progressive Flamenco can be found in the late 1950’s when Jazz musicians such as Miles Davis and Gil Evans first started to be interested in Spanish Flamenco (presumably after being exposed to the dance via performances of famous Flamenco groups in the USA), and started to combine it experimentally in their music, resulting in such tracks as “Flamenco Sketches”, and “Blues for Pablo” as well as albums like “King of Blue” (1956) and the conceptual work of “Sketches of Spain” (1960).

Pure or progressive, traditional or fusion, it is Flamenco, emotional, deeply rooted and resonates with the listeners. Reshaped by our global, chaotic Babylon and marked by art’s emotional power and roots, Pura Vida project by Sorelo creates a new Progressive Flamenco sound that is all It’s own.