Sorelo Levy

Janan Sorelo Levy – Musician, Flamenco Guitarist, Writer, Composer and Arranger was born in Bat Galim, Haifa in 1978.

Janan Sorelo Levy began his career at the age of 13 playing the guitar. He graduated from Hed College of Contemporary music where he majored in composition.

During his career Sorelo Levy worked with many Israeli and world famous musicians and dance artists including Lior Elmaliach, Maurice El Mediouni, Nabil Khalidi, Jo Amar, Emil Zrihan, Abed Fattah Benis, Spino, Yasmin Levy, Micha Shitrit, Dikla Dori, Miri Alon, Shlomi Saranga and more.

He also served for two years as musician and writer in the Israeli Andalusia Orchestra, first as a regular musician and then as a lead player.

Sorelo Levy established several independent musical ensembles of contemporary flamenco such as Vientos Del Mar and South Winds Flamenco which included Tania Vinokur (dance and violin), Nissan Reuven (Kachon), as well as guest musicians and dancers. He has been working with Flamenco dancers for many years, as well as for modern and Oriental dancers and has been creating music for their choreography.

During his work with the Kfar Shmaryahu Theater, he has composed music for the Federico Garcia Lorca play Blood Wedding.

Sorelo Levy’s current musical projects are called Sorelo Levy Flamenco Progressive, Maghreb Beat, Pura Vida.

Sorelo Levy’s new musical projects are a fusion of musical styles from around the world intermeshing with electronic music. traditional Flamenco, Cuban, Algerian and African music meet on one stage by Sorelo Levy’s conduction, reveal an unseen side and the multiplicity of layers in world music that seems to have all but vanished.

It brings all these elements together to create a unique experience that ensures to breath new life through altered perspectives into world multicolored cultures.

At these days, Sorelo Levy performs at international music festivals, teaches Flamenco guitar and runs musical workshops, courses and private frameworks.

In 2011 Sorelo Levy and his musical project Pura Vida performed together with Rafael Amargo at Isrotel Phaza Morgana dance and music festival.

In 2013 Janan Sorelo Levy published his first poetry book “My life fountains”.

Sorelo Levy recorded 2 albums. His debut album is called Dream Album – 2009 and the second one is called Aire Limpio Clean Air – 2011.

The absolute happiness is the absence of responsibility.

The death of creativeness.

The moments of survival can bring out from me the lies.

That I was born in this millennium and not in the previous one.

I think I’ve got the one I wanted.

There are many forms of happiness, sometimes I feel it on the stage, but not in everyday life.

My parents, everyone who wake up in the morning and is able to be happy and to smile and to live the dream is a hero.

Knowing that I did the engraving in eternity.

Do not lose the faith.